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Adjusting bookingkit integration with CSS
Adjusting bookingkit integration with CSS

Find out here how you can further customize and design your personal bookingkit widget!

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Once you have integrated bookingkit into your own website with HTML code, you can use our design configurator to adjust the design of the integration.

Further adjustments, such as to the font or rounding corners of images, can be achieved by making so-called CSS adjustments. Please note that bookingkit as a SaaS company (Software as a Service) is neither able to perform CSS adjustment for your website or offer your assistance in this regard. However, we can assist you with widespread adjustments if you book an appointment directly with our integration specialists.

Adjusting bookingkit integration

With bookingkit, you can change how your event is displayed on your website in order to match the look and feel of your website. For this, knowledge of web development (CSS) is required.
Further information about working with CSS can be found at

The elements of the bookingkit integration have been styled by us in CSS. You have the option to overwrite these stylings. Overwriting CSS is simple – note, however, that by reloading the bookingkit CSS, it is given higher priority. Therefore, new rules must be higher prioritized. Did you know that you can just paste your CSS adjustments in the Widgetkonfigurator in Marketing > My Website?

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