In bookingkit it’s really easy to link to Papershift, the leading HR management software. We provide you with seamless integration, enabling you to automate and modernise your staff management, as well as always keeping it up-to-date. Our cooperation with Papershift will help you save even more time and effort - once it has been configured, you don’t need to do anything else as everything runs automatically.

In this article we describe how to set up Papershift in bookingkit in just four easy steps. If you have any questions on the content of Papershift, our staff will be happy to help.

1. Activate the App

Log in to your bookingkit account and activate the Papershift App in our marketplace. 

2. Add the API key

As soon as the Papershift App is activated, a new item called Papershift opens in the left-hand navigation menu. Click on this, and enter the Papershift API key to link your bookingkit account with your Papershift account.

3. Configure the Papershift parameters

Now set the Papershift parameters Location and Department. If you only have one location or one department, these will be automatically transferred as the configuration of the interface proceeds.

Now select your experiences in bookingkit, and link them to the locations and departments set up in Papershift. You can also define the number of staff required per participant. As soon as you receive a booking for one of your experiences, a new shift will be created in Papershift.

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