Here you can learn all about how to manage your withdrawals and download your withdrawal receipts.

1. Administration

Under Accounting > Overview you will find all your receipts.

2. Payment 

When you initiate a withdrawal (A) from your MangoPay escrow account to your regular business account, you can determine the amount of the withdrawal (B).

Please note that the amount to be paid out is the sum of all transactions since the last payment, less the 5% security deposit. This is what you see as your available balance.
On the payout slip, which you can download by clicking on the arrow to the right of the payout amount, you will find the payout amount, the security retention, as well as the opening and closing balance of your trust account:

3. Download PDF payment receipt

The payout slip can now be downloaded directly via a corresponding PDF button under Accounting > Overview (Overview Trust Account). 

You can also download your statement under the overview by clicking on the icon.

To access your invoices later, you need to go to Billing>Billings and by selecting you can access the bills in PDF format.

In addition, there is an email confirmation for each payment.

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