Generally there is low risk involved in offering direct debit as a payment option. However, occasionally customers cancel their direct debit mandate through their bank. This might also be the case with credit card or Sofortüberweisung (online direct debit) payments. Learn more about direct debit here.

But what exactly happens if my customer cancels the debit mandate?

If your customer calls off the direct debit mandate and has the amount credited back to their account or credit card, we will inform you immediately by email. The order will remain active in your bookingkit account, but we recommend that you cancel it first and get in touch with the end customer directly. Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer the amount back onto your bank account. However, you can create a new manual booking or let your customer book again online.

If your customer simply contests the direct debit through their bank, we will be informed about it by our payment provider MangoPay. We will take care of correspondence with the customer’s bank and provide a proof of service and other necessary documents. If the bank or the customer still deny the validity of the payment, we proceed exactly as already described above.

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