1. Button "Select date"

The order starts with the selection of a specific date.

2. Button "Duration" and "Start time"

By clicking on the date, the offered duration of the experience as well as possible time slots will be displayed for selection.

3. Button "Add participant" and "Go to shopping cart"

Under "Add participants" you can check the number of participants by clicking "-/+". Afterwards you go on to "Go to the shopping cart".

4. Order overview

Here you can view your order and check again if everything is correct. If this is the case click on the button "To the order details".

5. Enter your details and proceed to payment

Here you must enter your name, e-mail and telephone number. If you book with your company, you will find the correct field below. On the right you will find the option to choose between PayPal, bank transfer, credit card. If you have a voucher, you can redeem it on the page. The last step is to check your order one last time and then to make the final payment.

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