Your experiences can be either of the two types: 

Active experiences:

Active experiences are listed in your Sell section and can be integrated into your website as a widget.

Inactive experiences:

These can be edited and modified if necessary, but there will be no code generated for the website integration in your Sell section. This is particularly useful, for example, for seasonal events like a ski courses that are offered exclusively in winter, or outdoor activities taking place only during summer months.

This setting can be changed at any time. Simply click on the (De-)Activate button (1) of the experience in question.

You can see how your customers view this experience by clicking on the Preview button (2) or edit it by opening the editing page (3).

Currently no experiences can be deleted, however, we recommend overwriting the one you do not offer anymore.

Filter experiences according to different criteria

You can filter experiences according to their category, type and various sorting criteria.

Further articles on sorting, different experience durations, price lists and experience categories

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