Tax advisors often lack some important details to advise you effectively because:

  1. All transaction are paid into a separate MangoPay escrow account (not directly into your business bank account);

  2. You can choose to withdraw any amont available amount from your escrow account and pay it out into your bank account (assuming you are verified through MangoPay).

For this reason, there is no direct relationship between incoming transactions and payouts, as bookingkit does not pay out monthly or at regular regular time periods. Instead you decide when you would like to get your revenue paid out, and how much. This is also one of the benefits of bookingkit, i.e. flexibility!

Example: The provider has received 3 orders, 100€ each, in his trustee account, so he has a total of 300€ in his MangoPay account. But he only arranges for 50€ to be paid out into his business account. This means that the 50€ are not representative of his real revenue.

As the provider can, therefore, send your tax advisor following documents to account for your revenue precisely and correctly:

  1. You have to log into your bookingkit account

  2. Go to Accounting

  3. You will see the current balance of your MangoPay escrow account on the left-hand side and a list of all incoming and outcoming transactions on the right.

  4. The time period can be changed at the top.

  5. You can then click on Export; the export will be generated in the desired format and you will be notified per email as soon as it is ready.

You can send the file generated by the Export function together with all other receipts to your tax advisor.

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