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Payment methods in bookingkit
Payment methods in bookingkit

Learn here what payment methods you can offer your customers with bookingkit

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  • Introduction

  • Overview of payment methods

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  • Introduction

The huge advantage of bookingkit is that you can now offer online payment methods. Thus, you acquire binding and reliable payment processing.Using online payment methods you will receive the money directly into your MangoPay escrow account or your PayPal account.

In Settings you will find an overview of all payment methods and can activate / deactivate them there.

  • Overview of payment methods


All PayPal payments go directly into your PayPal account and not into your MangoPay account. In the monthly statements and statistics exports you can see how much you make via PayPal by filtering in the Excel sheet for this payment method.

Find out how to activate PayPal here.

Should you have problems with PayPal payments, please check the points listed here first. You can also make a test booking with PayPal yourself (without having to complete the booking). If you are forwarded to PayPal, then the problem is most likely not on the side of bookingkit, so PayPal service team may be able to solve the issue. Note that partial refunds of PayPal orders are not possible in bookingkit. If you need to export transactions data from PayPal, here is a short guideline.

Direct debit

Learn how you can activate direct debit payment method in your bookingkit checkout here.

Please note that the processing of direct debit payments by our payment service provider MangoPay can take up to 10 days.

Also note that the end customer can subsequently withdraw and dispute the payment through their bank. If this happens and the dispute is approved by the bank, we will always inform you about it. Learn more about this here.

Payment against invoice

If "Open Invoice" is activated, then your customers receive payment iformation necessary for a manual bank transfer on the invoice when they make a booking. It can take up to two working days until the transfer is processed. You can find more information about invoice payment here.

Please note that the end customer is fully responsible for correct and full payments. It is, however, possible that an order is marked as unpaid even though the customer in fact made the transfer. Learn more about what to do in such situations here

Direct Bank Transfer

Here you can activate "Sofortüberweisung" and "Giropay" as payment methods. These payment methods are essentially based on a direct bank transfer. They are widespread in Germany, but are also known in other EU countries.


Activating this payment method can be particularly lucrative if you have many Dutch customers, as it is very popular in the Netherlands.

On-site Payment

You can have this payment method activated by our service team. Please note that this may be a less secure and not binding payment method which could result in a higher no-show rate.

If you would like to offer your customers an opportunity to pay by card on site, there is also the possibility of link your bookingkit account to SumUp.

  • Useful tips

- Under Statistics -> Overview you can visualize your income generated by different payment methods

- As long as the order is marked as unpaid, you can still change the payment method.

- If the order is paid for with a voucher, this is considered a separate payment method. Find more information here.

- PayPal is the most popular payment method in Germany, followed by payment against invoice and by credit card? So it's worth activating those payment options, especially online payment methods!

- Please note that there could be issues with credit card payments if the sum is particularly high due to the two-factor authentication. If you usually offer products or experiences worth more than 100€, please contact our service team in order to have your limit increased.

3D Secure

You can find out more information on additional authentication when paying by credit card here. In a nutshell, from 2021, anyone who wants to pay with a credit card on the Internet must take another security step in addition to entering the card details when approving the payment. This security measure for authentication is mandatory for online purchases with credit cards in Europe. The 3D-Secure process provides additional security that is set to prevent an unauthorized third party from using a stolen credit card.

Related information on 3D Secure from MangoPay.

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