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Accounting & billing: data and statistics

Numbers, data etc. - where do I find everything?

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Where can I find a monthly overview of my orders?

Essentially you can find the orders made in a specific month in different ways:

- Under the statistics

All you have to do is define the appropriate period.

You can download the data in various file formats (Excel, CSV, PDF). More information on this here.


Where can I find an overview of all booked services that have taken place in a certain period?

This information it to be found under Statistics -> Export


What other measures could be useful?

  • You can also export all your vouchers and promotional coupons. The total revenue from the voucher sales can be calculated in advance. You can find these in the voucher overview directly in bookingkit under Orders -> Vouchers.

  • If you need to go through each invoice individually, we recommend exporting the invoice archive as a ZIP file. In this you can have all receipts from a specific period in one place.


What are the differences between various views and statistics?

The quickest way to compare the differences is by using the VLOOKUP function in Excel/ Google Sheets.

  • Statistics vs. accounting

All orders are listed in the "Statistics", while the "Accounting" only lists those orders that have been paid for online via MangoPay. (all online payment methods except PayPal, as PayPal is linked directly to your business account).

Also, the payout that you have made from your MangoPay account to your business account is listed under "Accounting". (This is not the case under Statistics -> Export.)

  • Statistics vs. monthly statement

Orders are exported according to the booking date. The entries in the statements are sorted by payment date. Therefore, there are sometimes differences between the two for payments via direct debit (due to the time it takes banks to process it), the payments made through marketing platforms and the payment method "Against invoice".

In these cases, the payment often reaches your account later. This means that such payments may not be listed in the monthly statement for a respective month, but rather in the one for the month thereafter while it still appears in the statistics export for the respective month.

  • Monthly statement versus accounting

As above, only payments processed by MangoPay and the payouts appear in the accounting overview. All payments, including PayPal orders, on-site payments, bookings via platforms or orders paid by a voucher or flexible ticket, appear in the monthly statements. Both are transaction-based or sorted by payment date.

You are welcome to reach out to so that we can help you double check everything.


What happens if an order is canceled?

  • ... with a refund

-- The refund appears in the "Monthly statement" on the date of the refund with a turnover of 0 €.

-- Under Statistics -> Export the refund appears on the order date with a turnover of 0 €.

  • ... with no refund

If no fees are involved in the cancellation, the cancellation will not be listed in any of the exports, as it has not changed the revenue in any way. ______________________________________________________________

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our service team at

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