bookingkit is compatible with all leading systems such as Google Analytics or eTracker.
According to your tracking goal, bookingkit offers two different variants for tracking. For better understanding, the following chart provides an overview of the checkout process at bookingkit with each step of the sales funnel:

With the help of conversion tracking with bookingkit, ticket and voucher sales can be tracked and used for corresponding services such as Google Analytics, AdWords or Facebook conversion tracking. This is especially used for measuring the success of marketing activities. Here, the user is only tracked in the last step ("success") of checkout.
By using checkout tracking, you can track the user during the entire checkout process. This is useful to seamlessly track users sources from the landing page to the final sale and to analyze bounce rates of your target audience.
The graph below gives an overview of the coverage of the various methods in the checkout process:

In addition, bookingkit allows you to continue using sessions started on the website in the checkout.

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