Tax rates in bookingkit

Here you will learn how to set up and adjust VAT rates in your bookingkit account

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In bookingkit you can set different tax rates for different products, which are then listed accordingly in the invoice. This applies to the monthly invoices that you receive from us, as well as the end customer invoices that your customers receive.

Tax rate for the invoices from bookingkit

19% is the default tax rate saved in the backend. If you want to change this, e.g. because you do not operate in Germany or are charged with a different tax rate in Germany, you can set this up under the company data. To do this, you have to enter your VAT number under the invoice information. If your account corresponds to the correct country, the bookingkit invoice will be created with the correct tax rate once your VAT number has been entered.

Tax rates for the invoices issued to your end customers

The tax rate for invoices issued to your end customers is also automatically set at 19%. You can set and change the standard tax rate or other tax rates under Account -> VAT. In this area, you can also set tax rates that apply to your vouchers. Find out more about it here.

If you add other tax rates under the company data, you can then select and save them in the product or in the experience.

You can do this under the price information in an experience directly by unchecking the standard VAT rate and selecting the correct one for this experience.

You can also select appropriate tax rates for products in the settings mode under Experiences -> Products.

Please note that the name of the tax rate does not appear in any statistics.

Also please keep in mind that accounting issues may have to be clarified with a tax advisor and bookingkit only provides basic information you need for successful accounting.

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