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Welcome to bookingkit and congratulations on the digitalisation of your offer! 🎉

In this article, we'll guide you through the straightforward process of setting up your bookingkit account with ease before your onboarding session with your dedicated manager. Here's a rundown of the key steps:

Company Data

First, ensure accuracy by reviewing and updating your general company information in the Company Data section.

  • Confirm the correctness of the company name and address

  • Include essential details such as;

    • email address,

    • phone number,

    • VAT number,

    • etc...

  • It's crucial to upload a logo, as it will be visible to customers in confirmation emails and other booking-related correspondence.

  • Establish billing information. This data will be reflected on invoices issued to your customers upon booking.

  • Reiterate your VAT number and provide your bank details for revenue transfers.

  • Define your terms and conditions. This step holds significant importance, as customers must agree to these terms when making payments and confirming their orders.

  • Lastly, establish the validity period for vouchers.

Do not forget to save! ✅

VAT rate

To configure your VAT rate, considering that each industry and country may have distinct rates, navigate to the Settings > VAT section.

  • Begin by clicking on the blue button "Set your VAT,"

  • Followed by another click on the blue button "Edit default VAT."

  • Fill in the required information accurately and remember to save your changes. ✅

Stripe Verification

Stripe serves as our primary payment provider for all online transactions, excluding PayPal.

To start having bookings, it is imperative to set up a Stripe account and complete the verification process. Please refer to the instructions outlined in the two following articles for guidance:


Now, it's time to initiate the creation of your experiences! This can be done in the Inventory>Experiences section.

  • Simply click on the blue button labelled "Create an Experience"

  • Proceed through each step:

    • providing a title,

    • descriptions,

    • uploading photos,

    • specifying location,

    • setting prices,

    • etc...


Your experiences are now listed. 🎉

To facilitate direct online booking by customers, you need to input the available dates for these experiences.

  • Simply click on the grey button beneath your experience labelled "+ New Appointment."

  • This action will direct you to the calendar section, where you can establish individual or recurring appointments.

  • Then, you will be able to:

    • enter the start and end dates of your experience

    • choose whether this experience will take place daily, or only from time to time.

Widget integration

Now that your experiences have available slots, it's essential to integrate the booking calendar onto your website, allowing customers to book around the clock.

Navigate to the Sell > Widget sections, where you'll discover three distinct widgets available:

  • Experience List,

  • Single Experience Page,

  • Calendar widget

For comprehensive information and detailed steps, please refer to the following article:


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For more information, please read the following articles:


If you have any questions,

don't hesitate to contact your onboarding manager

or the support team via chat. 😊

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