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Welcome to bookingkit and congratulations on the digitalisation of your offer! bookingkit gives you the opportunity to be bookable non-stop, to manage your offer optimally, to optimize your capacity utilization and to address new customers via our numerous premium partner companies!

In this article we would like to explain how you can easily - without much of an effort - set up your bookingkit account yourself 💪

Create your experiences

First things first: under Experiences you can directly create your offers. It is especially important to describe the most important aspects of your products in a compact way, to emphasize your unique selling points and to underline the whole thing with high-quality photos.

Our interactive tutorial explains you step by step how to create your experiences:

Professional tips 💡

  1. Would you like to have different prices during the week than on the weekend, for example? Then take a look at our flexible pricing!

  2. Would you like to create several durations for one experience and name them individually? No problem at all, here you can find out how easy it is to do this with bookingkit!

  3. How can I show the location of my event on Google Maps? Is it impossible to show the location of your event correctly on Google Maps? The reason is often that there is no street or house number at the desired address. In this case we require the Google Maps geo-coordinates from yourselves. All you need to do is right-click on the desired event location on with its subsequent choice “What is here?” and the coordinates will be displayed in the top left-hand corner.

    These coordinates can then be stored directly in the edit mode of your experiences as a meeting point or event location.

Define your availabilities

Your experiences are now laid out. To enable customers to book them directly online, you still have to enter the dates when whose experiences are available. You can add availabilities in just a few steps:


  1. You want to synchronize your calendar including your bookings with other calendars? No problem, with bookingkit you can quickly connect to all common programs.

  2. In any case we recommend you to create a voucher shop with bookingkit. You can find out how easy it is here.

Include your booking calendar on your website

The most important thing is done! Now you can integrate this booking calendar on your website so that your customers start to book around the clock. Under Marketing > My Widgets you can generate the HTML code for integration on your website with just two clicks:

Afterwards, you just have to insert the code on your website or content management system with a few clicks. Our accompanying guide explains everything you need to know about this and our various widgets.


  1. Do you want to display your ratings from Google, Tripadvisor and Facebook directly on your website? Then have a look here!

  2. Minimum effort and maximum benefit: Our Global Widget.

One click can change your business!

Did you know that with just one click you can increase your reach a million times more and connect to almost all our marketing channels?


  1. If you only want to release a certain contingent or only low-turnover dates for marketing, this is also possible with a few clicks - find out how it works here!

  2. By the way, with bookingkit you can also adapt the content for our numerous marketing partners.

Stripe verification

Finally, in order to be able to to wire money from your bookingkit account, you will need to be be KYC verified by our payment processing partner Stripe. You can find more information on why it is necessary here and what kind of documents you need to submit here.

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