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What does "already paid" mean on the invoice from bookingkit?
What does "already paid" mean on the invoice from bookingkit?

Fees which are listed on the invoice, but have already been paid.

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bookingkit issues a monthly invoice to the adventure provider. This article explains the bookkeeping and billing in more detail.

On the monthly invoice, the first page of the fees shows "already paid" in the overview.
 "Already paid" means that bookingkit will deduct the fees for online payment transactions immediately after payment before the money is transferred to the trust or PayPal account.
In order to avoid double payment of the fees, they will be accounted as already paid. On the following pages you will find the fees that have already been paid marked green. Therefore it makes sense to print out the invoices in colour (not in black and white), if they are passed on to the accountancy/tax consultant.
On the last page of the attachment you will find the calculation of the total fees already paid, which should be identical on the first page.

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