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As an accountant/tax advisor for an Experience-provider, how do I work with bookingkit?
As an accountant/tax advisor for an Experience-provider, how do I work with bookingkit?

Find everything you need to know about bookkeeping and tax in your bookingkit account as well as how to record your client’s income here:

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  1. How do I get my client’s data?

  2. How do I cope with online payments?

  3. Details of trustee account

  4. Details of vouchers

  5. Details of refunds 

  6. Invoices from provider to end customer

  7. Fees and invoices from bookingkit to the provider

How do I get the data?

There are two options, depending on the Experience-provider’s tariff level: 

  1. If your client is on the Basic or Plus tariff, he must export and send data to you regularly.

  2. If your client is on the Premium tariff, he can add multiple users. In this case your client shall add your email address so that you have a direct access to your client's data in bookingkit. From our experience to date, direct access to bookingkit is the most efficient way of booking receipts, as the client does not have to prepare the data. You can also look up orders directly in detail if any data are not initially conclusive. 

Online payments

bookingkit is a booking system where appointments can be booked and paid for straight away. The provider’s end customer can pay online by credit card, instant transfer,  direct debit (if activated by the provider), payment by invoice (if activated) and PayPal (if activated by the provider). Direct debit, payment by invoice and PayPal are therefore optional.

PayPal: if PayPal has been activated, it is important to note for the accounting purposes that the payments go directly to the client’s PayPal account. All other online payments go to the trustee account.

Direct debit: For all online payments (apart from payment against invoice), the amount is directly booked out from the account of the end customer and goes either to the PayPal account or the provider’s trustee account. Please note, there is a special feature when it comes to direct debits: the payment first has to be taken from the end customer’s account, and only then it lands in the provider’s trustee account. Due to the bank processing time, it takes on average about 7-8 days.

Payment against invoice: The end customer must transfer the amount to the Stripe wallet. Please note that no reminders are sent out automatically. 

Stripe Wallet

Your client automatically gets a digital Wallet with our payment service-provider Stripe upon confirming the bookingkit Terms and Conditions. This is where all payments which were made by credit card, instant transfer, payment against invoice (if activated) and direct debit (if activated) minus the fees.

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