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How do I work with bookingkit as a user?
How do I work with bookingkit as a user?

In this article you will learn tips and tricks in the daily work with bookingkit.

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bookingkit in daily life


You can see what days have appointments at a glance with bookingkit calendar. The calendar works like a heat map so that the days with the most bookings are marked dark red and less busy days - yellow.
If you want to see the day that have no appointments yet, you can check the box Show experiences without participants in the calendar.

Disabling all appointments on a certain day

If you would like to prevent your customers from booking on a certain day due to e.g. illness or renovations, simply click on Empty day. 

Making certain slots unbookable

If you want to make only certain time slots or experiences unbookable on a given day, first activate the Extended Quota Management module in your Settings.
Then you can block individual time slots by clicking opening them in your Calendar and clicking on the minus sign until it reaches 0/0.

Change recurring appointments

If you want to change recurring appointments, open one of them in your calendar and click on Edit recurring appointment button. Adjust the series and save it. This article runs you through the process step-by-step.


All orders are listed in the column on the left-hand side in the Orders section. The information about the booked experience, date, order status, contact details of the customer, payment method, etc. is visible in the detail view of a respective order - simply click on the order in the column on the left to open it. You can also filter all existing orders according to their status (active/inactive), payment status, channel and/or creation date.

Searching for an order

If you are looking for a specific order, just insert the unique order code in the search field on the right that is visible on every page and section in your bookingkit account.

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