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bookingkit quick start guide for your employees
bookingkit quick start guide for your employees

What should you know when giving staff members access to bookingkit? What are the essentials for using bookingkit correctly and easily?

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If you also grant your employees access to bookingkit, what do they have to pay attention to? Which points do they have to take into account to use bookingkit easily and without mistakes?

1. Calendar

Your calendar is where all your appointments and bookings are displayed. Appointments are highlighted using a variety of colors to make it easy to see your utilization levels and the amount of revenue generated on each day.

Check out our calendar guide here for more information:

2. Appointments

Appointments can be created in the calendar as well as in the "Experiences" section for each activity, whether one-off or recurring. More detailed information about setting appointments is available here.

3. Orders

An overview of all your orders is available in the "Orders" section of your bookingkit account. Opening the detailed view of a booking will present you with additional information such as the customer's details, booking and ticket code, as well as the booking channel and method of payment used. You can also edit and cancel orders and bookings, as well as resend order confirmations.

Have a look at our booking and order guides for more information:

4. Vouchers

bookingkit also lets you create and manage your own vouchers and gift certificates for purchase. Everything you need to know about vouchers can be found here. We can also import your existing vouchers and coupon codes from other promotional offers (e.g. Groupon) into bookingkit.

5. Experiences

The Experience section is where you create new activities and keep track of your existing events. If you click on the small pencil "edit," each activity can be changed and customized according to your needs. For example, you can add as many pricing tiers as you want, modify content, upload pictures and videos, and more.

Tip: Our BusinessKit and ProKit plans user administration feature lets you create individual accounts for your employees and assign individual rights.

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