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The view of your requests in detail
The view of your requests in detail

A request is a non-binding Inquiry for appointments that, upon confirmation, leads to a booking

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bookingkit generally distinguishes between the following types of bookings in the "orders" area of the program:
a) Requests (non-binding requests for appointments that, upon confirmation, lead to a booking)
b) Orders (binding bookings)
c) Vouchers (Wertgutscheine can be redeemed on tours and activities at a later point in time and are used as a payment method)
d) Coupon (Aktionsgutscheine are valid within the period of a given sale or promotion, such as a newsletter promotion or a seasonal promotion (Christmas coupons), and can be created as often as you like during that period. Both fixed value and percentage discounts are available.)

a) Requests

Tours or activities which have been set to "Request for appt." are available through your website for customers to submit requests. The dates and times displayed are based on the appointments defined by you.

Request can be in one of the following states:

  1. Open (no response from you)

  2. Denied (request has been declined)

  3. Accepted, waiting for customer to book (you have accepted the request, the customer still needs to confirm the booking)

  4. Customer accepts appointment: the request has been booked and has been sent to the "Orders" tab.

All active requests are listed in the left-hand column.Clicking on a request opens the detail view. Here you can find information about the requested tour or activity and the desired appointment, the status of the request, contact information and participants.

Below is a series of options:
This feature declines the customer's request by email:

The customer's requested appointment isn't available? Use this feature to suggest alternative dates:

This accepts the customer's requested appointment and sends them a link which they must click in order to place a binding booking:

Here you can add additional participants to the request, change the price categories, offer a discount, and update the customer's contact information:

Important: You can change the default texts we use in our emails at any time. Clicking "Send" sends the message to the email address provided in the booking.

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