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Promotional coupons
Promotional coupons

Coupons are valid as often as desired within the promotion period and can be created for newsletter promotions or discounts.

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bookingkit makes a distinction in the "Orders" section between the following order types:

  • Requests: non-binding requests for appointments that, upon confirmation, lead to a booking

  • Vouchers: vouchers can be redeemed on tours and activities at a later point in time and are used as a payment method

  • Coupons: coupons are valid within the period of a given sale or promotion, such as a newsletter promotion or a seasonal promotion (Christmas coupons), and can be created as often as you like during that period. Both fixed value and percentage discounts are available.

You want to give your customers 10% discount for their next booking, e.g. via our After-Sales email?

You would like to win a new target group as customers and make your experiences more attractive with discount vouchers?

You want to push sales-weak days with a discount?

With bookingkit coupons you can easily do all this. The advantages are obvious and with our coupons you can significantly increase your sales.

How do I create coupons?

  • Under "Orders' > 'Coupons" you get an overview of all your previous coupons.

  • You can filter between active and inactive coupon codes.

​Follow these steps to create a coupon:

  1. Enter title and coupon code. Attention: code must contain at least five characters.

  2. Next determine whether your coupon should grant an absolute (e.g. 5,00 €) or relative discount (e.g. 5%) when redeemed.

  3. At this point, all of your previous redemption requirements are summarized as text.

  4. Here you can limit your coupons to a certain performance period of your experiences (e.g. validity of the coupon code for all experiences that take place in August). You can also limit the validity of your coupon to selected experiences and even weekdays.

  5. Set the validity of your coupon to a specific order period (e.g. 10% discount on all bookings made in August).

  6. You can limit your coupon with regard to the budget cap (e.g. max. discount of 100€ in total) or the number of refunds (e.g. max. 100 redemption points). If you have set such a limit, you can alternatively inform yourself by email as soon as the coupon code has been used up.

  7. Finally, click on 'Create'.

Delete coupons

To deactivate existing coupons with bookingkit,

  • click in the overview of your coupons under "Orders" - "Coupons" on the red cross on the right side of an existing coupons.

Reactivate coupons

You want to reactivate already expired coupons?

  • look for the inactive coupon and click on Edit or the pencil icon.

  • Then you have the possibility to configure the coupons according to your specifications.

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