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Marketing towards Customer Loyalty - After Sales Email
Marketing towards Customer Loyalty - After Sales Email

Do you want to know how you can use bookingkit to bind your customers even stronger and increase your turnover?

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You can bind your customers even closer to you through our customer loyalty marketing and thus incentivize repeat purchases. In the following guide we would like to explain what you need to consider and what benefits you can derive from it.

Activate After Sales Mail

  1. Go to "Emails to the customer" under Email configuration settings

  2. Activate the After Sales Email function with just one click (1). When activating for the first time, first compose the content of the mail under (2) and then activate the sending under (1) again.

If you now click on the pen (2) you can design the content of the mail according to your wishes and send your customers e.g. a discount code - but more about that later. Use placeholders to address your guests personally (4) and decide yourself when they should be contacted (6).

Important: Please make sure in the preview (3 & 5) that the email meets your requirements and can really be sent to your customer! Furthermore you have to send a test mail (7) first, which will be sent to the mail address stored in your bookingkit account to check one last time if everything is correct. Only then you can finally click on Save to activate the After Sales Email module.

Why marketing at all after the appointment has taken place?

  • Retention marketing is a very important and useful tool in e-commerce to keep your customers and increase their satisfaction, generate sales and polish your corporate image.

  • It also allows you to be remembered by your customers. For example, if they have booked via a marketing platform, they are more likely to remember the name of the platform than the name of your company - you can counteract this with customer loyalty marketing!

How should an After Sales Email look like?

  • Send your customers a promotion voucher code and turn them into repeat customers

  • Ask for feedback and suggestions for improvement and pick up unsatisfied customers

  • Ask for ratings on Facebook, TripAdvisor & Co and increase your ranking on the respective portals. In this case, remember to check first if the respective rating platform prohibits the distribution of vouchers for ratings

  • If you offer other special experiences or actions, please draw attention to them and use cross selling potentials for your other experiences

A few more tips

  • Always use a personal salutation.

  • Make a concrete call to action to your customers, e.g. use our voucher code XYZ for your next booking!

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