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What emails are sent via bookingkit?
What emails are sent via bookingkit?

In this article you will learn what emails are sent by bookingkit to you as the provider and to your end customers.

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With this article, we would like to give you an overview of which emails are sent by bookingkit and how you can configure them to you as a provider and to your end customers.


1. Activation of the "Email settings" module

Log in to your bookingkit account at and activate the "Email settings" module with just one click under Settings → Modules.

Email Settings

Under Settings → Email Settings you can now easily determine when you as a vendor receive an email and which emails your end customers receive. Activate the sending for the respective email by moving the corresponding switch on the right to "YES".

2. Emails from bookingkit to vendor

Under Settings > Email Configuration you can (de-)activate your email notifications. Below we explain why you should activate the highlighted notifications in the image below.

The most important emails at a glance:

A) New order

You should not miss a new order from a customer.

B) Canceled order

Once a cancellation has been triggered, we will inform you.

C) New request received

When a customer makes a booking request, it should be ensured that you are informed about it quickly in order to give the customer the fastest possible response.

D) New user created

Enabling this email is required, you will be notified as soon as a new user account has been created.

E) Invoice

The activation of this email is also required, you will receive the invoice for the last month.

F) bookingkit Newsletter

The activation ensures that you will not miss any updates about new features, partnerships and promotions at bookingkit.

G) Customer notification of failed email

Once activated you will receive a notification if an email to your end customer could not be successfully delivered e.g. due to a typo, you will also then receive a notification to your email address stored in bookingkit.

H) Successful payout

As soon as a payout from your Stripe Wallet to your bank account has been successfully triggered, you will receive notification from us.

3. Emails from bookingkit to end customers

Below you can see which emails are sent to the end customer. This is where most are required and it is always best to keep the customer informed of everything.

A) Order confirmation email

This email confirms the order to the customer, whenever they make a purchase on your webshop.

B) Reminder email

With reminder emails, you can remind your customers of their booked appointments. The customer receives this email 24 hours before the start of the experience as a reminder (72 hours for reservations paid on account).

In this article you will learn more about reminder emails and how they can be configured.

C) After Sales email
This email allows you to automatically send a message to the customer after a period of time defined by you after the experience. You are free to determine the content. This way you can bind your customers even closer to you and thus stimulate repeat purchases.

Have a look at the detailed article on the after-sales email here and learn more.

D) Direct reply to sent e-mails

You have the option to set that all email correspondence with the end customer should be sent via your email address (the email address entered under Account > Company data > General information) and not via

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