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Email-configuration - Reminder email
Email-configuration - Reminder email

How to edit your reminder email and configure it as you wish.

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Email-configuration - Reminder email

You probably know yourself how important these emails are. Customers often forget their dates - no wonder with the daily flow of information! With reminder emails you can nudge customers into remembering the dates they have booked. This is particularly important if customers are going to pay on the premises, as otherwise you could lose turnover.

How do I activate reminder emails?

This function is automatically activated.

If you have deactivated reminder emails, and want to use them again straight away, log into your bookingkit account and go to "Settings > Email configuration" and then "Emails to Customers". To activate reminder emails, simply push the button to YES (1)

How do I configure reminder emails?

To design emails exactly as you want them, click on the pencil to the left of the description (2). The following screen then appears:

You can now edit the content as you wish.

  • You can use our placeholders (3) to give your email a more personal design.

  • Please ensure in Preview (3 & 4) that the email is as you wish, and that it can be sent to your customers in this form

  • Then you initially have to send a test email (5) which will be sent to the email address stored in your bookingkit account, just for a final check that everything is OK.

  • Only then can you click on Save (6) to definitively activate the reminder email module. Please also note that below your personally designed content, a summary of information for the relevant order will still always be visible:

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