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How to resell your experiences on resellers' integrations
How to resell your experiences on resellers' integrations

Find out how to use resellers' integrations and increase your reach and revenue.

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Important: bookingkit reach is only available for BusinessKit and ProKit subscriptions.

How to get started with bookingkit-reach and resellers' integrations?

How to start selling with resellers' integrations?

1. Recommended: Review the help articles above

Not every reseller's integration is the same, and not everything is supported for every reseller's integration. We recommend reviewing the articles to understand resellers' integrations.

2. Create an account on the reseller's platform (if needed)

  • If the reseller is not listed below, then you don't need an account, just proceed to step 3.

  • If you do not have an account with the following resellers, please register below first. You will be required to fill in some basic information about your business and your contact details. If you already have an account with the following resellers, proceed to step 3.

  • Note: For Groupon: you must fill in the form regardless if you already have an account already.

3. Upload your content on the reseller's portal

  • If an account is needed: You will be required to upload the content of your experiences directly onto the portal the reseller will give you access to after the registration. Important: you must create experiences that match the ones you created in our system (durations, etc).

    • Note: in the case of Groupon and Civitatis, they will do this for you

  • If no account is needed: The resellers will ask you to send them the content of your experiences (images, descriptions, durations etc). They will then upload your content on their portal and make changes to match their quality criteria. Alternatively, they may automatically import your content from "bookingkit".

4. Activate the reseller's integration in "bookingkit"

Just log into your bookingkit-reach account using your "bookingkit" credentials. You can then access the Marketplace and look for the reseller. Click on the activate button. The connection may take several minutes to be active.

Note: make sure to select the resellers with the Integration badge.

5. Mapping your experiences

To finalize the connection, you need to connect the experiences that are on the reseller to the ones you have in "bookingkit". This process is called mapping and it allows connecting two experiences from two different systems. To do so, you will need to find your "bookingkit" experiences' IDs.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the mapping is NOT a one-time task. For example, when replacing one of your experiences with a new one in "bookingkit", you will need to make sure to update the mapping on your resellers or inform them of the changes when applicable. Also, please note that creating additional durations or price lists for one experience will create an individual experience ID with its own calendar/availabilities for each of those.

How to find your experience IDs?


bookingkit-reach. (recommended)


Individual IDs

You can export individual IDs on each reseller page next to each experience by clicking Export IDs.

You can copy individual IDs directly from your experiences list by clicking COPY ID.

All IDs

You can export all IDs on each reseller page by clicking on export all IDs

You can export all IDs by going to Statistics and Export. You can then select events PLUs's equivalent of experience IDs is called PLUs. You can export the PLUs/IDs as explained above

The format is the following: EXPERIENCE ID | PRICE ID | SESSION TIME

Experience ID: your experience ID

Price ID: the ID of the price category

Session time: the starting time of your experience regardless of the day.

Example: experienced A with price adult at 10 am every day, PLU = EXPERIENCE A ID | ADULT ID | 1000


How to do the mapping?

You do the mapping

Reseller does the mapping

  • Civitatis

  • Klook

  • Manawa

  • Explore Grand-Est

  • Groupon

  • Funbooker

  • All other resellers' integrations

6. Troubleshooting & common errors

Most common errors

  • Your experiences do not have availabilities. Please create availabilities for your experiences, otherwise, it is not possible to do the mapping.

    • Note: verify that the quota for the reseller is not 0.

  • You did not activate the reseller's integration in bookingkit-reach, please review step 4.

  • The mapping broke because the experience IDs are incorrect/changed. Please review step 5.

Resellers' specific errors

Reseller's integration




  • TGDS000028

  • TGDS000024

  • Other errors


  • Tickets cannot be scanned by bookingkit-app

In viator: go to the ticket tab

  • Within ticket details: select one per traveller

  • Within Ticket redemption:

    • Barcode from reservation system: set to yes

    • then you can choose the ticket type (barcode, QR code etc).


  • Invalid product

  • Invalid ticket category

  • No availability

  • the given date and time zone do not match


  • Bad input

Please review the most common errors.

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