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bookingkit reach: vendors

Learn how to use bookingkit-reach as a vendor.

Introduction: bookingkit-reach and IntegrationsLearn more about bookingkit-reach and integrations.
How to resell your experiences on resellers' integrationsFind out how to use resellers' integrations and increase your reach and revenue.
How to resell your experiences with Google Things to DoUnleash incredible marketing power with the Google Things to Do connection
Reseller orders: cost explainedLearn which costs apply when working with resellers.
How to find and invite resellersLearn how to easily find or invite resellers on bookingkit reach and grow your reselling network.
How to create and manage resellers' contracts and partner ratesLearn how to create and manager manage resellers' contracts in bookingkit reach.
bookingkit reach: partner rates
How to manage resellers’ ordersLearn how to manage, modify or cancel resellers' orders.
How to settle orders with resellersLearn how to settle orders with resellers and integrations.
Settings: how to set up your marketplace profileLearn how to set up your marketplace profile on bookingkit reach.
Settings: How to change notification preferencesLearn how to change notification preferences for resellers related events.
Settings: How to set up orders' custom fieldsLearn how to set up orders' custom fields to collect specific information from end-customers.
How to adjust your experiences' quotas for resellersLearn how to adjust your experiences' quotas for resellers to limit the number of spots available for your partners.
How to create separate experiences' content for resellersLearn how to create different content for the same experience for resellers.