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How to settle orders with resellers

Learn how to settle orders with resellers and integrations.

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Important: bookingkit reach is only available for BusinessKit and ProKit subscriptions.

Important: This feature is partially available for integrations. You can check here which reach features are available for integrations.

How to settle orders with integrations?

  • For some integrations, bookingkit payment processor Stripe will act as an intermediary to settle orders between you and the reseller. It will ensure you get paid for your orders and the reseller also receives its commission.

    • This is called in reach "Payment processed by: bookingkit"

  • For some integrations, you will need to settle your orders directly with the reseller. This means that you have to negotiate commission with the reseller and that you will be paid by the reseller on the agreed terms.

    • This is called in reach "Payment processed by: reseller"

You can check how you settle orders with each reseller directly in reach on each reseller page within the marketplace or on their respective help article in our help centre.

How to settle orders with other resellers?

Currently, there is no automatic billing with the other resellers. You or your reseller accept payment from the end-customers on-site (for example cash or card payment). At an agreed time, you and the reseller settle the transactions based on your agreed terms.

You can easily prepare your invoices by using the order tab on bookingkit reach, filtering the dates you want to include and then clicking on Create Export. You will then receive an email with a link to download the export.

How to settle orders with affiliate links?

As the vendor, you will receive the settlement directly from the end customer. You can follow the previously outlined process, with one key difference: in your settlement records, the orders will be marked as 'payable.' This designation indicates that you are responsible for paying out commissions to your partners or affiliates. It's important to manage these transactions effectively to ensure that all commission payments are made promptly and accurately, thus maintaining good relationships with your partners.

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