How to manage resellers’ orders

Learn how to manage, modify or cancel resellers' orders.

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Important: bookingkit reach is only available for BusinessKit and ProKit subscriptions.

Important: This feature is partially available for integrations (from bookingkit). You can check here which reach features are available for integrations.

How to manage integrations' orders?

  • For some integrations, you can modify orders directly in bookingkit, and this will be synchronised with the reseller.

    • Changes from bookingkit to reseller.

    • This is called in reach "Booking managed on: bookingkit"

  • For some integrations, you will need to modify orders directly in their backend/ or inform them of changes and this will then be synchronised with bookingkit.

    • Changes from reseller to bookingkit

    • This is called in reach "Booking managed on: reseller"

You can check how to manage integrations' orders directly in reach on each reseller page within the marketplace or on their respective help article in our help centre.

How to manage other resellers' orders?

As soon as a reseller has placed an order in bookingkit Reach, it is automatically linked to your bookingkit account and appears in your orders. You can make changes to the order directly in bookingkit. The reseller will be informed of the changes.

There you will find all the important data of the reseller and you can download the invoice as a PDF.

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