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Fattutto Activation Guide
Fattutto Activation Guide

Instructions to activate the Fattutto App and connect the data to your bookingkit account.

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Table of Contents

General Details

The integration with Fattutto allows the automation of the creation and digital transfer of invoices or commercial documents to Fattutto when orders are created on bookingkit.

New to Fattutto? Learn more and sign up.

Costs of Integration

  • By bookingkit: Free

    • bookingkit will not charge any extra fee for activating and running the Fattutto app. This only refers to the fees charged by bookingkit to use this app.

  • By Fattutto: Free

    • Fattutto will not charge any extra fee for activating the connection, but you must be subscribed to any paid plan. This information is subject to change without notice so please refer to the details published on the Fattutto website or contact the Fattutto team for more details.

Data Synced After App Activation

  • From bookingkit to Fattutto

    • Orders: created, cancelled and updated

  • From Fattutto to bookingkit

    • (no data)

Important Notes Before Activation

1. During the onboarding phase with Fattutto it is possible to define what type of document (invoice and/or commercial document) will be created when a new order is received from bookingkit.

2. If you have more than one PIVA set up in Fattutto, you must be logged in to the same company in the Fattutto backend that you use when you process the activation in bookingkit.


To be able to activate the integration between Fattutto and bookingkit you must meet the following criteria:

1. Be signed up to the Businesskit or Prokit in bookingkit. Check you current plan and/or upgrade it here.

2. Have an active account with Fattutto.

3. Be subscribed to the Premium Fattutto plan.

4. You must complete your company details in full in your Fattutto account. It must include:

- The activity

- The current year on the activity with a default PIVA rate

- A document type for each type of tax document that will be produced (invoice, credit note, sales commercial document, cancellation commercial document, return commercial document).

Activation Process

1. On the sidebar menu click on the App Marketplace icon to view the list of Apps available.

2. Look for the Fattutto App and click on the "Learn More" button.

3. Read the details on the Fattutto page and click on the "Activate" button. You must also click on the "Activate" button in the popup that appears to confirm the activation.

4. As soon as the Fattutto App is activated, a new item called Fattutto opens in the left-hand navigation menu. Click on it to continue to the next step.

5. On the page that opens read the details carefully. You must enter your PIVA number into the field and tick the boxes to agree with each of the items on the page. Click on the "Connect to Fattutto" button.

6. After activation you will be redirected to the Resellers page in the Fattutto backend.

Important: If you are not logged in to Fattutto you will be prompted at this stage.

7. On the page that loads in Fattutto backend, enter the type of "Activity". Select the activity on which the default PIVA rate has been set for document issuance.

8. In the "Default Document Types" section associate each document type with the one used for issuing documents. It is recommended to enter at least Sales Invoice and Sales Commercial Document for proper operation.

Important: For commercial documents it is essential to have the credentials to access the tax drawer only and exclusively with USER, PIN and PASSWORD. Integration with business documents is not allowed with SPID.

9. In the "Default Payment Terms for On-Site Payments" section you can set what type of payment will appear in the documents produced during the in person payment. If nothing is selected the system will set the default payment type.

Important: This is an optional setting.

10. In the "Voucher Types Used" section select the document issuance mode for the vouchers (vouchers) purchased: monovalent vouchers or multi-purpose vouchers.

Important: This setting is not strictly related to the one provided on bookingkit, but overrides this one during order processing.

11. In the "Settings" section, the following options can be set:

  • Receive bookingkit orders on Invoice: It is essential to select the option to receive orders and turn them into documents. Disable if you no longer want to use Billing to create a tax document from bookingkit or temporarily suspend receiving orders.

  • Force Invoice Generation for Foreign Customers: Select in case you always want to issue invoice for foreign customers (recommended).

  • Automatically Validate Items: Allows in case of receiving an order with an item not yet present on Invoice to recognise it as Verified, i.e., with the PIVA rate of the item recognised as correct automatically. With the option disabled, the user can verify each item entered in the order and change its characteristics before the document is issued.

  • Automatically Generate Document: If enabled, the Invoice will automatically proceed to transform the received order into a document.

  • Automatically Create Customer Master File if it Does Not Exist: By enabling this option, every customer on a received order will automatically be added to the Invoice master file, if it does not yet exist (only for customers with a PIVA number).

  • Automatically Send Document to the Agenzia delle Entrate: If enabled, after creating the document against received order, the documents will be transferred to the Agenzia delle Entrate. This happens simultaneously for Commercial Documents but for Invoices the sending can also be done on subsequent days.

12. Once you have entered all the necessary settings proceed to click on the "Save" button on the page.

13. After the full activation, open the Fattutto page in the bookingkit App Marketplace and refresh the page. The page will show your company name, PIVA and address details for verification.

14. The activation is completed!

Additional Information

1. After the activation of Fattutto you can manage your orders from bookingkit from your Fattutto account. To learn more about it please check this help article created by Fattutto.

2. For more details about the activation process please check the links below:

- Activation guide (by Fattutto)

- Activation video (by Fattutto)


For support and more information about this activation process please contact our team using the chat icon below or contact the Fattutto support team at

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