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General Details

The integration with Beckerbillett allows vendors to synchronise all bookings, availability and cancellations from bookingkit to Beckerbillett, and allow your customers to use the Beckerbillett access systems.

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Costs of Integration

  • By Bookingkit: €1900 for 24 months

    • You can activate and test the app and will not be charged immediately. The fee to use this app is €1900 for 24 months. After activation, our team will contact you for more details about the payment terms. This only refers to the fees charged by bookingkit to use this app.

  • By Beckerbillett: Charged (consult Beckerbillett team)

    • Beckerbillett charges a fee for the activation of the API connection. You should contact your Beckerbillett account manager for more details.

Data Synced After App Activation

  • From bookingkit to Beckerbillett

    • Orders

    • Bar Codes

    • Appointments

  • From Beckerbillett to bookingkit

    • Availabilities

    • Dates

Important Notes Before Activation

1. You should create Events and Price Categories in your bookingkit account.

2. The extension synchronises all Dates and Appointment from Beckerbillett to bookingkit. It means that in bookingkit no Event Dates have to be created and Availabilities should never be changed via bookingkit backend.

3. All orders that are created in bookingkit (via Widget, Marketing Channels etc.) are synchronised to Beckerbillett so that the ticket codes can be used at the turnstiles.

4. For all the activation steps required in your Beckerbillett account you should communicate with your Beckerbillett account manager or sales representative. The activation process should always be guided by their team because this setup will affect the local customer environment and needs to be prepared in the Beckerbillett Top3 software.

5. If there are existing events on both sides they have to be brought into sync during the activation process. This should be considered in the activation process.

6. Cancellations (or order updates besides added participants) are not handled by this integration.

7. You should deactivate date series creation in bookingkit.


To be able to activate the integration between Beckerbillett and bookingkit you must meet the following criteria:

1. Be signed up to the Businesskit or Prokit in Bookingkit. Check you current plan and/or upgrade it here.

2. Be setup in the Beckerbillett Top3 software.

3. Enable the module Extended Availability Management in your bookingkit account. To enable it, go to Modules management.

4. Disable the module Resource Management in your bookingkit account. To disable it, go to Modules management.

Activation Process

1. Contact your Beckerbillett sales representative at The activation process in the Beckerbillett is completed with the support of the Beckerbillett team. Only after this step is completed move to step 2.

2. Go to your bookingkit account and in the left-hand navigation menu click on the App Marketplace icon to view the list of Apps available.

3. Look for the Beckerbillett App and click on the "Learn More" button.

4. On the Beckerbillett page click on the "Activate" button. You must also click on the "Activate" button in the popup that appears to confirm the activation.

5. As soon as the Beckerbillett App is activated, a new item called Beckerbillett opens in the left-hand navigation menu. Click on it to continue to the next step.

6. On the page that opens, under the "General Setup" page enter your Beckerbillett Tenant ID into the field and click on the "Save" button.

Important: The Beckerbillett Tenant ID can be found in your Beckerbillett account under the menu item Account > API Tokens. You must generate an API token and store it. Be aware that API Token will not be displayed anywhere else after you close the window in Beckerbillett. Make sure you save it.

7. The page will load with a list of all bookingkit Events and Price Categories. You'll have to do the mapping manually by entering the Beckerbillett Event Type ID and the Beckerbillett Ticket Type IDs for each of the Price Categories for each Event.

8. The list of Beckerbillett Event Type IDs and Ticket Type IDs can be found under the tab Check Data in bookingkit.

9. Once completed click on the "Save" button.

10. The activation is completed!

Additional Information

1. Events deleted in your Top3 calendar will not be deleted automatically in the bookingkit calendar. The solution is to reduce the capacity of that event to zero, or delete it on both sides manually.

2. Capacity between the Top3 local sales and bookingkit frontend will be split per event. Therefore the whole capacity of an event scheduled in Top3 will not be visible at bookingkit side. After a ticket sale (locally or online) the capacity will be redistributed between Top3 and bookingkit. At the moment the ratio is set at 30% of tickets to local sales and 70% to online sales. This is a set value for now, but it will be adjustable in the future.

3. When you click “Save” on the mapping form in the Bookingkit extension, the process of synchronising dates is started. Depending on the number of dates, it can take several minutes until all dates are synchronised between the systems.

4. Only dates in the upcoming 180 days are synched between the systems.


For support and more information about this activation process please contact our team using the chat icon below or contact the Beckerbillett support team at

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