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iCal calendar feed for Outlook, Google Calendar and other calendar programs
iCal calendar feed for Outlook, Google Calendar and other calendar programs

Here you can find out how to connect your booked appointments directly to your calendar.

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In order to synchronize your bookingkit calendar with other calendars, you need the iCal URL. You can find this in bookingkit by going to the Calendar-feed tab in your calendar:

The iCAL URL shown can be used to synchronize the bookingkit calendar with your other calendar programs (Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple calendar and many others).

Which experiences are displayed in my iCal calendar feed?

The calendar feed contains all the tours and activities in your calendar. Depending on whether you've activated or deactivated the feed option "show experiences without participants", the feed may or may not contain activities without bookings. You can also set the number of past and future months you want displayed.

Synchronization with Google Kalender

Important note: The Google Calendar only updates twice a day, so the bookingkit feed cannot be synchronized in real time.

  1. In your browser open Google calendar

  2. Click on the plus "other calendars"

4.Click "from URL"

5. Paste the copied URL from step 1 into the box.

6. Click on the button "Add calendar" .

NOTE: Click on the calendar you have added to hide or show the calendar as you wish. For more information, see the Google Help Forum.

Synchronisation with MS Outlook

  1. Start the calendar (MS Office Outlook)

  2. Select the "Calendar" application and the "Folders" section. Click on "Open Calendar" and select "from the Internet".

4. Paste the URL copied in step 1 and click OK.

5. To ensure that MS office is kept up to date, subscribe to the calendar that has just been integrated.

6. The integration was successful. You can show and hide the calendar accordingly.

Note: MS Outlook does not support reminder notifications for the calendar.

Synchronisation with Apple calender (iCal)

  1. Open the calendar (iCal).

  2. File -> New Calendar Subscription

4. Paste the URL from step 1 into the calendar URL box.

5. Click Subscribe.

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