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Do you want to give your employees or other people access to administration of your Experiences in bookingkit?

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If you are using a BusinessKit or ProKit, you can access the “User management” to give your team members access to your bookingkit account. In addition, you can specify who has which type of rights (reading or writing permission).

User management explained

Follow these steps to give your employees or other people access to your bookingkit account:

  1. Open the feature “User management” via the “Settings” menu

  2. Fill in the “Name” and “Email address” boxes with the corresponding details. Then click on “Save” to add other people

  3. The user you have just authorized automatically receives an email confirmation

  4. Enable an account which has not yet been authenticated, and this will then receive an email for authentication. By clicking on the link, the account will be released.

  5. Then assign the authorizations to the person added. To do this, activate or deactivate individual menu items by clicking on the corresponding checkbox.

Navigation with multiple accounts

If you are using several bookingkit accounts, we recommend creating each login with all rights for Account A simultaneously as the login for Account B. You can then switch between the individual accounts without having to constantly log in again.

Wherever in bookingkit you are, you may easily switch between your accounts by clicking at the lower left edge of the screen and entering the name of your account.

Important: In order for your user to have access to both bookingkit accounts, this user must also be created in the user administration.

Tips when working with multiple accounts

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