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How do I use bookingkit to run my business?
How do I use bookingkit to run my business?

bookingkit guide for business owners and managers

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1. User management

If you are have BusinessKit plan, you can add multiple users and specify which areas they can see and/or edit.
For instance, your accounting department can only view and/or edit just the accounting section of your bookingkit account, and your operations staff - only the orders.

Learn more about user management in bookingkit here.

2. Statistics

Get a quick overview of you business performance under Statistics. If you want to analyse the data in detail, or would like to import it into an external data analysis tool, you can export your data under Statistics -> Export.

Learn more about how to export your data from bookingkit in this article.

3. Capacity utilisation/calendar

You can recognise what the busiest days for your business are in your bookingkit calendar. It works like a heat map so that the days with the most bookings are marked dark red and less busy days - yellow.

You care wondering how to increase your volume?

bookingkit gives you various different options for increasing your volume. In addition to being a powerful booking system integrated directly into your website, bookingkit is also a channel manager for marketing platforms. This means that bookingkit can distribute and synchronize your quotas via marketing platforms. Please note that marketing platforms charge comission for the bookings their generate. Learn about some major benefits of working with marketing platforms here.

Furthermore, you can increase your volumes on slow days with the help of flexible prices, i.e. you reduce the prices on days with few bookings to make them more attractive, and increase your prices on popular days. Learn about this function here.

Apart from making the most of bookingkit functionalities, you can also make your website easier to find on Google with the help of SEO / online marketing. You can find out more about this topic here.

4. Billing

If you are responsible for billing and bookkeeping as the managing director or accountant, please have a look at this guide.

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