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Internal cart - how to create a manual booking
Internal cart - how to create a manual booking

Here we explain how you can use our internal shopping cart and add a manual order or reservation.

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How you can use our internal shopping basket?

In this article we explain how you can use our internal shopping basket and add a manual order or reservation. Below we have also provided a summary of related articles:

What are the benefits to me of the internal shopping basket?

Perhaps you get a booking enquiry by telephone or email and you want to add a booking manually? A corporate client contacts you and you want to create a special offer tailored to their needs, including various additional products such as catering and drinks, for example. With our internal shopping basket that’s easy!

The benefits are obvious: the internal shopping basket is the perfect B2B tool - set up individual, made-to-measure offers for major clients. Add several booking dates, as well as products and vouchers directly to the order.

Perhaps you would like to retain your customer’s loyalty by offering a discount? That’s no problem either! We are happy to explain clearly and in detail in this article how the internal shopping basket works.

How do I set up a manual order or reservation?

It doesn’t matter where you currently are in bookingkit: on each page you will find the button “+add booking” on the upper right-hand side of the screen. The button also moves along with your mouse-movement. A new window then opens where you can set up a new booking or reservation in just a few steps:

  1. Select first whether you want to set up a new order or reservation

  2. Enter the customer data

  3. Leave external or internal comments

  4. Now select the experience you want to book

  5. Fix a date and add the number of participants

  6. Add additional products directly to the order

  7. You can now also attach vouchers to an order

  8. Of course, it’s still possible to offset vouchers already acquired or made out, or to grant a discount

  9. Fix the payment method. NB: Online payments are only available for reservations

  10. Then click on “Save”

Quick tip: If you have problems whilst actually entering the order, our interactive tutorial is there to help!

Our clearly-explained tutorial will explain all the important functions to you once again:

by the way: If you want to create a manual booking, without entering an email-adress, that's possible of course. Just click on the corresponding checkbox:

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