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Experiences, Vouchers, Products & Flexible Offers
Experiences, Vouchers, Products & Flexible Offers
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With bookingkit you can sell experiences as well as vouchers, additional products and flexible offers.

Key differences:


In bookingkit you can easily make your experiences, i.e. the (leisure) activities or services you offer, bookable online. If you create specific appointments for your experiences, they can either be booked online or your customers can send you a request. You can easily edit your offering in your bookingkit account under Experiences by clicking on the Edit button.


Your customers can buy vouchers for all your experiences. It is possible for your customers to purchase vouchers with the value corresponding to each price category that you have defined in your experiences. It also makes sense to create a generic voucher - an experience without defined appointments - that works as your very own voucher shop.


You may want to offer some additional products such as drinks and beverages, merchandise or equipment, during the order process. They will be available for your customers to add to their basket when booking experiences or purchasing vouchers. You can add and edit your products under Experiences -> Products.

Flexible Offers

"2 for the price of 1" tickets or special offers on certain occasions and temporary discount campaigns can be created in bookingkit too. In this case end customers buy vouchers for a certain experience at a special price. It can be used as a payment method when booking an appointment later on. Learn more about flexible offers here.

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