Use the Price categories for manual bookings module if you would like to create categories for certain customer groups that should only be visible to you in backend, and not to your customers.

1. Activate the module

First, activate the Price categories for manual bookings module under Settings -> Modules

2. Add new categories

Once the module is up and running, open the editing page of one of your existing Experiences directly in the Experiences tab.

Scroll down to the Price information section and add as many price categories as you wish with a selected price added in each case. For instance: children 10 Euro, adults 20 Euro, staff 5 Euro etc.

You can decide which price categories are to be displayed externally and which can only be seen in the backend. Place a tick in the Public column next to the categories that shall be visible to your customers and leave the ones you would like to conceal empty.

3. Payment when price categories are applied

Every price category can be paid for with any of the payment methods you offer. This also applies to price levels that are not vsible externally. For instance, if the customer you are creating the booking for manually wishes to pay online, you can set up a reservation for him, after which the customer receives a confirmation email with a link to payment. The same naturally also applies to manual bookings

4. Benefits of additional price categories

It makes sense to use various price categories for your B2B business, for example, so that you can offer corporate customers a particular price without the end customers necessarily seeing this on your website.

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