In bookingkit you can now also make reservations. When you create a manual booking, it is now possible to choose the payment method, i.e. whether you want to pay online or in cash. You can choose between cash, online payment and payment on account. This function is especially useful for corporate customers. So you can of course, as before, apply internal price levels to a manual order. The only advantage is that you can now also map payment on invoice and are optimally equipped for B2B!

  • How does a manual booking become a reservation?

  • How does the whole action look like from the customer's point of view?

  • How does a reservation look like in my backend?

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How does a manual booking become a reservation?

For cash and online payment, you can check the appropriate box under Reservation and must add an expiry date to the reservation. So you decide how long the reservation is valid and how long the customer can pay for it. If your customer lets the reservation period expire, the reservation becomes invalid and the date is available again in your calendar. With cash payment you can also display invoice payments. As soon as you register an incoming payment, you can convert the reservation into an order with just one click.

How does the whole action look like from the customer's point of view?

Wenn du direkt eine manuelle Buchung anlegst, erhält dein Kunde wie gehabt eine Buchungsbestätigung per Email. Wenn du jedoch aus der manuellen Buchung eine Reservierung machst, erhält dein Kunde natürlich eine Reservierungsbestätigung. In dieser wird dein Kunde auch darauf hingewiesen die Zahlungsmodalitäten mit dir zu klären (bei Barzahlung) bzw. den in der Mail stehenden Link anzuklicken, um ganz bequem online zu zahlen und so die Reservierung in eine Bestellung umzuwandeln (bei Onlinezahlung).
For reservations by cash payment, the confirmation email looks like this:

And here is the view of the reservation mail for online payment:

How does a reservation look like in my backend?

Reservations are displayed under Orders > Orders next to your regular bookings. There you can confirm or cancel cash reservations (1 & 2). You will also see the expiration time of each order under that order (3):

Worth knowing

What happens if the money is only received after the reservation has already expired?

 --> In this case you will be notified by email. You can then either refund the customer's money back or you can agree and create a manual booking (as already paid).
What happens if the reservation fails?
This can of course happen in isolated cases, e.g. if the payment fails on the end of customer's side (account not covered, payment is cancelled by customers, etc). If this is the case, the reservation details including the contact details of the end customer are displayed under Orders > Expired Reservations.

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