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Sending additional documents in the order confirmation email
Sending additional documents in the order confirmation email

Would you like your end customers to receive an additional in the confirmation email, such as limitation and exclusion of liability clauses?

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Learn here how to set this feature up:

1. Activate the module

You can activate “Attachments to confirmation emails” module under  Settings -> Modules

2. Upload the document

Now go to experiences and open the editing page of the respective experience by clicking on Edit button. Open the “Additional Documents” tab. You can upload a PDF document here (max. file size 16 MB).

3. Customise the confirmation email

In addition to the document, you can add additional or updated text to the confirmation email:

4. View for your customers

Your customers will receive a link which forwards them to a Summary of Services page where they can download all relevant information about their booking.

5. important note:

Please note that additional documents are only sent in the context of appointment bookings. If a voucher is sold for the experience in question, the document is not applicable.

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