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How to use fixed price categories?
How to use fixed price categories?

Learn what are fixed price categories and how to use them.

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What are fixed price categories?

Fixed price categories are predefined categories. You can assign a fixed price category to each of your price categories.

What are fixed price categories useful for?

Fixed price categories are necessary to connect and synchronize the prices you have in "bookingkit" with some of our resellers' integrations. While "bookingkit" allows you to create custom price categories, resellers cannot automatically identify the equivalent fixed price category on their end. For instance, you might label one of your price categories as "Standard Entry," while on the reseller side, the equivalent will be "Adult." In such cases, you must directly assign the fixed price category in "bookingkit" so that your prices can be pushed and synchronized with the reseller.

Learn more here.

Important note: Fixed price categories are only useful if you wish to synchronise your prices with a specific reseller that supports this feature. Assigning them will not affect how your price categories are displayed on your website or anywhere else. You can consider them as a categorisation of your price categories.

How to set up fixed price categories?

By default, the "Other" category is applied to all existing and new price categories.

If you want to assign a fixed price category to one of your price categories, you can do so by using the dropdown and selecting the appropriate equivalent. Please note that a fixed price category can only be assigned ONCE.

Only the "Other" category can be assigned as many times as you need.

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