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Manual voucher redemption
Manual voucher redemption

Learn how to redeem vouchers on site - quick and hasstle-free!

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The waiting line is getting longer, and the customers are impatient? Here is the best way to be fast and efficient with Manual Voucher Redemption.


a) Redeeming a voucher as a means of payment for a booking appointment

  1. Click on the right green button '+ Add booking'.

  2. Select 'Redeem voucher' on the top right.

  3. Enter the voucher code or the name of the voucher buyer directly - the system only needs a few letters or numbers to find the voucher.

  4. Then simply select the experience or the date to be booked.

  5. Optional: Add further products to the order.

b) Simply deactivate the voucher without redeeming it

  1. Call up the voucher code by entering the first 4 characters via the search function (on the top right)

  2. Click on the red X behind the voucher code and cancel without refund

    a) It could be for cancellation value vouchers

    b) or for vouchers purchased online

    c) or for vouchers that have been imported by us or issued manually by you

No matter which variant of voucher redemption or cancellation you choose, all data will still be available in our voucher export.


If you have any further questions,

please feel free to contact us via the chat :)

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