In this article we would like to illustrate how to show payments against invoices in your bookingkit system.

Important note: This payment method is currently only available for MangoPay, but not for Stripe.

By the way: You can discover how to configure other payment options (PayPal, direct debit, payment on site) in the relevant guidelines.

Why use payment against invoice at all?

Perhaps you have corporate customers and would like to offer them a special rate, for instance? Your customer may insist on payment against invoice. No problem - it’s naturally very easy to set this up in bookingkit in just three simple steps:

1. Set up a manual booking

Click on the green button “Add booking” in your bookingkit account, select the corresponding experience and the relevant date, and as the next step enter your customer data. Our clear guidelines explain how to proceed step by step.

2. Choose “Against invoice” as the payment method

After issuing a manual booking, you can choose 'Invoice Payment' as a payment method.

3. MangoPay will handle the payment process for you

You can just relax - we do all the work for you! Your customer will receive a confirmation email showing the outstanding invoice amount and the account data to which the transfer is to be made. As soon as our payment partner MangoPay records receipt of a payment, we change the status of the order in your bookingkit account to paid (green). And we also update your invoices, which you can see in your customer’s order accordingly. Please note: For the payment handling with mangopay a transaction fee,will be charged (according to your contract).

4. You want to offer your clients invoice payments?

That's really easy! With just one click under Settings > Payment Options you may activate invoice payments for clients in your check-out.

And that's how it looks like from customer perspective:

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