Stripe is a well-established online payment provider from the US, based in California, and already serves renowed customers such as Amazon, Check24, or Airbnb. Through a single integration with Stripe, you can reach more customers, accept over 135 currencies, and support dozens of local payment methods.

Important note for existing customers: The use and conversion to Stripe in your bookingkit checkout will only be executed once you have successfully gone through the verification process there. Directly after that, your previous online payment provider MangoPay will be seamlessly replaced by Stripe and your end customers will be able to pay online directly there.

Existing customers: What are the steps to activate Stripe directly in bookingkit?

After activation by your personal Success Manager or the bookingkit support team, you will get access to the new "Settings" -> "Payment providers" section in your bookingkit webapp. Besides Stripe, your previous online payment provider MangoPay will also be listed there.

  • Click on "Activate Stripe" to continue.

  • In the following window, you can choose between:

a) Switch me as soon as possible (Recommended)

b) Pick a specific date for the switch

  • After you have chosen your preferred option, you only need to agree to Stripe's terms and conditions. Click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

  • Creating your account with Stripe may take a moment. Therefore, please do not interrupt this process.

  • The page will refresh and look like this. You can proceed directly to the verification process.

Once Stripe has completed the verification process, the move from MangoPay to Stripe will be initiated automatically at the time you requested.

If the switch was successful, Stripe will be displayed as the active payment provider instead of MangoPay.

New & existing customers: How does the verification of my company in Stripe work step by step?

  • After activating Stripe in bookingkit, you can go to "Account" -> Verification" to access the area to verify your company directly in Stripe.

  • You will be redirected to Stripe and start providing information about the type of your business.

  • Just below that, you'll enter your business structure.

  • Finished? Then confirm the information you have entered by clicking "Next".

  • In the next step, you enter your legal business and company name and also the CRN number. (CRN 07589628 should be entered as 7589628)

  • Scroll down further and enter your registered business address, phone number, industry and website of your company. Click on "Next" to proceed to the next step.

  • Now you must specify the person who exercises significant control and management over your business.

  • This includes the private address of this person, as well as information about the ownership and/or board of directors.

  • In the next step, please add public details being displayed for your end consumers.

  • For the same person mentioned before, an identification document must also be uploaded. After that, click on "Next".

  • In order to confirm the private address of this person, another proof of address must be submitted.

  • Select the respective document and confirm the upload.

  • If applicable, add further managing directors and click on "Done, continue".

  • Here you have one last opportunity to check the accuracy of all the information you have entered. Is everything correct? Then click on the button "Done".

  • You will be automatically redirected back to bookingkit webapp under "Account" -> Verification".

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