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Bank Transfer payment method

How your end customers can make a bank transfer to your Stripe wallet.

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In this article we explain how to handle bank transfer payments on bookingkit.

Important: In order for our payment service provider Stripe to automatically assign the transfer to your end customer, it is essential that the correct payment reason is specified in the transfer.

Why make payments via bank transfer?

Do you have corporate clients and want to offer a special rate? Does one of your clients want to pay by invoice? No problem: This can all be easily handled with bookingkit in just three steps:

1. Create a manual reservation

Click on the green "Add Booking" button in the upper right corner of your bookingkit account, select the relevant experience and date, and enter the end customer's information in the next step. Our step-by-step guide explains how to proceed.

2. Select bank transfer as the payment method

3. Stripe will handle the payment for you

Your clients will receive a confirmation e-mail with the outstanding invoice amount and account details, including the reason for payment.

As soon as our payment provider Stripe receives a payment with the same reason, the system will change the order status on bookingkit to paid (green). The invoices and payment instructions you display in the customer's order will be adjusted accordingly.

4. Activate the bank transfer on your site

Nothing could be easier! You can enable bank transfer payments by going to Settings > Payment Options.

And this is how you customers will see it:

5. What happens if I receive the money after the reservation has already expired?

In this case, you will automatically receive an e-mail notification. At this point you can either refund the money to the customer or work out an agreement and create a manual reservation (as 'already paid').

6. Important note about creating a manual order with the bank transfer payment method

In this case, when creating the order you should make sure to accept the service first and save the order only at the end. Only then can the system automatically add the required bank details, including the reason for payment.

However, you can manually force this at any time by changing the payment method from "bank transfer" to "payment on site" and then back to "bank transfer." The bank details will then be generated by the system. 💪

7. Why is it not possible to refund an order with the payment method "bank transfer"?

For data protection reasons, neither we nor our payment provider Stripe have the end customer's bank details - we only see them in encrypted form. In this case, you will have to reimburse with a voucher or contact the end customer to get the bank details.

a) Refund with a voucher:

b) Refund outside bookingkit:

8. The end customer has actually paid, but the order is displayed as unpaid

Sometimes there are instances when bank transfer orders are shown as unpaid. However, the end customer says that they have already transferred the amount.

There are several reasons why the payment is displayed as 'unpaid' in the system, including that the end customer used the order code or reservation code instead of the reason for payment.

This means that the payment service provider cannot automatically assign the payment directly. In this case, we only need proof of payment from the end customer, which we can forward to the payment provider. Then, we will make sure that the payment is assigned manually. You can send us the proof of payment via the chat directly from your bookingkit account.

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