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bookingkit integration in different editors
bookingkit integration in different editors

bookingkit integration in different wordpress editors, jimdoo and strato

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The bookingkit code is in HTML format and therefore requires an unfiltered HTML environment.

The integration of bookingkit is otherwise always more or less the same, regardless of the editor of the CMS (website builder) that is used.

You only need to know the name of the element, in which the bookingkit integration code must be inserted. This name may differ depending on your system / editor.

Here is a list with the names of the required elements in common editors:

WordPress (many different editors available):

Divi Editor

"Code" element


"HTML" element

Wordpress editor

Click on the 3 dots (top right) to expand the menu of the editing block and select "Edit as HTML"

Classic wordpress editor

Switch to raw HTML by click on "text" in the editor window, then just insert the code



Here its just one editor that is always the same.

Search for the "Widget / HTML" element



Also just one Editor available here, search for the "Embed" element

If you use and other editor, here some Keywords to find the right Element for bokingkit integration:

Code, HTML, Widget, Embed, raw Text

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