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Here's how you can customize your bookingkit booking widgets to suit your personal design!

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Under Marketing > My widgets you can drag the code for website integration as well as working on the list views you have created at any time. Maybe you want to adapt the design to include your favourite colours? Would you like to implement bookingkit on various websites? No problem, you can offer the same experience with different design templates.
If you want to know how to generate individual widget lists, and how integration in your website works, please click here!

Work on your widget and change the design

Under Marketing > My widgets, call up the corresponding experience or the experience list and click on “Settings”. You can make the following changes there:

  1. change the title and description of the widget (only applied internally in your bookingkit backend).

  2. If your widget contains several experiences, you can activate or deactivate individual experiences here, and change the order in which they appear.

  3. You can also work on display settings. If you don’t want the number of available places for a booking date to be displayed, you can deactivate this here. You also have the option of hiding the map at the bottom of the bookingkit link.

  4. Choose an existing design, create a new one or configure old designs.

  5. If you wish, you can also make CSS adaptations to your bookingkit link. 

  6. Finally, don’t forget to click on “Save settings” so that all the changes will be implemented.

Displaying urgency messages in your widget

Messages of urgency and trust are critical components in enhancing the conversion rate of an e-commerce website. They can create a sense of urgency that motivates customers to complete their purchases promptly.

In your widgets you will see urgency messages display in your:

  • Experience detail screen.

We have tested different versions of these urgency messages, and the current version leads to a 2% increase in the conversion rate.

By default, we show urgency messages, however if you wish turning these off. You can do so by:

  • Scroll to Display settings:

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