With the help of our global widget, you can revamp your internet presence again, and convert more visitors to your website into paying customers!

How does our global widget work?

You get a Book Now button, which can be displayed anywhere on your homepage to ensure that it is noticed immediately by your customers. This button provides the link to your whole available offer, and your customer can book immediately. If your customer closes the shopping basket beforehand, they will see it displayed on the lower edge of the screen:And this is what it looks like when live on your website:

How do I get the global widget?

Just send a brief email to service@bookingkit.de and we will send you the code for integrating the global widget in your website.

How do I integrate the global widget?

The best way is to integrate the HTML code which we sent you in every sub-page in which bookingkit is not yet integrated. What is important is that you embed the code as an HTML element in your website. It might help if you have another quick look at our Guidelines on website integration. 

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