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Display positive reviews from platforms directly in bookingkit
Display positive reviews from platforms directly in bookingkit

How to display your reviews on Tripadvisor, Google & Facebook directly in bookingkit

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In this article we explain how to connect your bookingkit account to the most important review platforms step by step.

1. Why good review management pays off!

Everyone knows them, everyone reads them and everyone trusts them: ratings on Tripadvisor, Google & Facebook. Reviews do not only inform your potential customers' decisions, they also play an important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Win new customers
Ratings can have a massive impact on the purchasing decisions of your potential customers. Statistics show that this is the case for around 80% of customers. By contrast, only around 6% of people surveyed said that reviews did not influence them at all. So use your positive reviews to win even more customers. Customers trust reviews, and specifically look for them before they decide to purchase.

Increase customer loyalty
If you proactively encourage your customers to leave you a review, you have already taken a major step towards developing your customer relations. Customers who have reviewed you will generally remember you better and the chance that they will return is significantly higher.

Improve your search engine ranking
Reviews are essentially user-generated content, and are naturally recorded positively by search engines. In a local search in particular, Google reviews count as an important ranking factor, and will help you get more page views and therefore also more bookings. It is also important in this respect that you list your business in Google My Business.

2. Connect bookingkit with Tripadvisor, Google & Facebook

First things first, activate the respective module under Settings -> Modules:

You can link your bookingkit account directly to your ratings on Tripadvisor, Google & Facebook under Sell -> Checkout-Configurations. Simply insert the ID for the relevant account under “My ratings”.

And by the way: Learn where you can find your TripAdvisor ID, your Google ID or your Facebook ID --> HERE.

3. Where will the ratings be displayed?

If you have linked your TripAdvisor account with bookingkit, your average rating on TripAdvisor will be displayed directly in the widget:

Other platforms will then also be shown in the detailed view of your widget:

Your linked platforms are displayed and linked in the After-Sales-Email. So it is even easier for your end customers to review you.

 4. Here’s something worth knowing

  • In the detailed view of your widget, only the TripAdvisor ratings are shown directly. Google and Facebook unfortunately do not permit their ratings to be displayed on external websites. However, if a customer clicks on “Read more reviews about....” they are forwarded directly to the reviews on the respective platform. 

  • Emojis which have been used by your end customers in TripAdvisor reviews cannot be displayed correctly unfortunately. TripAdvisor does not show these on external platforms. 

  • We recommend that you revise your After-Sales-Email to suit your new review function. So in future you will no longer have to link Tripadvisor, Google & Facebook, this will happen automatically as part of your After-Sales-Email. You should also ask your customers to leave reviews as soon as possible after the event, otherwise there is a risk that they will not remember the experience so well. And we have prepared a few further tips for you in our relevant guidelines.

  • Of course, there is always a possibility that you could get negative reviews. Before replying, reflect on the criticism first. It is important that you answer quickly and professionally, in a courteous manner. Thank the customer for their valued feedback and show humility. You could, if you wish, also offer the customer a different contact option, not on the review portal, so that you can clarify things in detail.

  • And by the way: The reviews are of course at Provider level. So you can’t link them at experience level. But you can of course hide the reviews for individual experiences using CSS.


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