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Define mandatory fields and integrate your reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook in bookingkit.

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You can change and define checkout fields visible to end customers under Sell -> Checkout Configuration.

​Tip: the fewer fields you specify as mandatory, the more bookings you will get. Experience shows that Internet users are quickly put off by a large number of compulsory fields!

Here is a breakdown of all available functions:

  • My reviews: Here you can activate / deactivate respective channels (TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook). Your rating on respective platform will be displayed on your website.

  • Email campaigns: You can ask your customers for their consent to receive email marketing campaigns from you.

  • Additional fields: Define additional fields to ask your customers for important information, such as their height, shoe size or preferred language.

  • Required fields for booking: Email address, telephone no. or full address. You decide what fields are mandatory for customers to fill out.

  • Checkout tracking services configuration: Here you can store HTML and JavaScript code to execute in the entire checkout process.

Important: unless “email address” is a compulsory field, your customers won’t get any booking confirmations.

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