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Additional checkout fields during the order process
Additional checkout fields during the order process

Do you need more information than just name, e-mail address or phone number of your customers to personalise their experience?

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With our booking software you have the possibility to individualize the order process for your customers by obtaining the necessary information from them. Just add additional fields to the checkout process. The good thing about it: big impact, simple setup!

1. Activate the module

Under Settings > Modules you can activate the module with a single click:

2. Create additional checkout fields

Having activated the module, you can define additional fields under Sell -> Check-Out Configuration with just a few clicks:

  1. Click on "New field". 

  2. Define whether you want to create a checkbox that your customer simply clicks on or a question that is actually answered in a string of characters. 

  3. Define whether it should be a mandatory field or not. 

  4. Determine in which experiences your mandatory field should be displayed.

3. How it looks like in action

Your customers see the additional fields directly in the checkout. The checkboxes and questions you created are displayed under the contact details. Mandatory fields are of course marked with an asterisk and must be filled in by the customer.


4. Worth knowing

  • In any case, we advise you to create only really necessary checkout fields. Every additional field will have a negative influence on your conversion! 

  • For the sake of clarity and in order not to worsen your conversion rate unnecessarily, no more than three additional checkout fields are allowed. 

  • If you order manually, you can also fill out the fields - but they are not mandatory. 

  • In the export on order level you can also generate an overview of all filled out fields. 

  • This feature is only available in the BusinessKit. You can find an overview of our tariffs here.

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