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Creating, editing and deleting appointment definitions
Creating, editing and deleting appointment definitions

How you can create, manage and delete events. Opening hours, flexible prices and duration of experiences are also explained.

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Creating, editing and deleting appointment definitions

When defining appointments for a single event in the bookingkit app, you can choose between one-time and recurring appointments. This makes bookingkit even easier to use. To create an appointment, simply select the "Experiences" tab and then "New Appointment" for the experience of your choice. You can then choose between a one-time or a recurring appointment.

Individual appointment

An Individual appointment occurs irregularly or even just once, on a special occasion, for example. Simply mark it as "one-time appointment" and enter the date and time. You can also create multiple individual appointments.

Recurring appointments

Recurring appointments are best used for your standard appointments when your activities regularly take place. Recurring appointments help you organize your normal day-to-day business, since you no longer have to worry about managing appointments individually. Creating a recurring appointment is easy and still gives you a range of options:

If you select "Add recurring appointment", you must first choose a start date. You can either add an end date or use the "endless" option. In this case, the recurring appointment will automatically be extended for a maximum of 18 months.

 a) Multiple per day:

If you want to repeat your event several times a day, you must select the start and end time per day, and the interval, at which the event is repeated. You can also select the days on which the event takes place.

b) Weekly:

If you want to repeat your event several times a week, choose the day and the time, at which the event takes place.

c) Biweekly: 

If you want to repeat your event every 2 weeks, choose the day and the time, at which the event takes place.
 d) Monthly

If you want to define a monthly event, select a day of the week and how often the event should repeat, e.g. the first, second, third or fourth day of the month. Make sure you also define the time. For example, you can create an event that takes place every second Saturday in the month at 9:30 AM.
Warning: As noted above, a recurring appointment is an appointment that is repeated at a specified interval. If an appointment takes place over several days, it is not necessarily a recurring appointment. When you are finished, click "Save" to add the appointments to your calendar and allow your customers to start making bookings online!

How to create a series of appointments based on your opening hours...

Edit recurring appointments

You can, of course, easily edit recurring appointments. Simple follow these steps:

Click on an appointment in the calendar that is part of the recurring appointments. A notice will appear that you can edit the recurring appointment as well as delete it:

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