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Revenue visualization in your Dashboard
Revenue visualization in your Dashboard

How is revenue calculated in your dashboard?

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bookingkit always distinguishes between booking date and performance date when displaying revenues.

Booking Date = When did the customer make the purchase?

Performance Date = When do I need to provide the service for which I've already been paid?

  • In the Dashboard, which is the statistics on the homepage of your bookingkit account (under the Overview section), revenue is displayed based on the booking date.

  • Regarding the dashboard statistics, we present orders paid with vouchers in this way because it allows us to provide an overview of the total booking volume.

  • In other words, vouchers are displayed "twice," once as a voucher and once as revenue for the booking. If we were to record these revenues only on the day of voucher purchase in the statistics, orders completely paid with a voucher would show a revenue of €0 on that day (which would be the same as if you, as a provider, offered a 100% discount and thus a free booking. This would be misleading, so we chose this method of representation).

  • In the Statistics, revenue is also displayed based on the booking date.

  • In the Calendar, all prices are displayed based on the performance date.

By the way: discounts, such as those generated by promotional vouchers are correctly accounted for in all areas.

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