You can generate following data summaries under Statistics -> Export:

  • Orders: Get the summary of your orders, this could be useful for e.g. import into systems like Mailchimp or Cleverreach.

  • Services: Get the summary of your orders by the date of the experience or service you provided.

  • Vouchers: Export information about the vouchers you sold. You can also view which voucher was redeemed with which order or vouchers' residual value.

  • Voucher Usage: Get an insight into what services the vouchers are used for.

  • Coupons: Export your promotional vouchers with all related information.

  • Flexible Tickets: Get an overview of Flexible Tickets sold through bookingkit.

  • Document archive (zip): Export invoices and/or Payment Notices and Vouchers for a specific time period as a ZIP file.

Document archive (zip)

Our document archive function allows you to download all invoices and/or Payment Notices and Vouchers your business ussied in a specific time period. Please note that the invoices don't just contain the latest invoice, but all invoices that were ever generated, i.e. in case there were changes made to the original one.

  1. Select the time period you are interested in under Statistics -> Export -> Document archive (ZIP).

  2. Choose what documents you would like to be included in the export.

  3. Click on the green Generate export button to create the export and voilà - you have all the data you need at hand.

  4. Exports you generated previously are saved directly in your account for a period of 30 days.

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