Step 1

Log in at with your web access data and click on Domains (A) to open the WebBaukasten (B) and then the editor.

Step 2

Open Pages (A) and select the page (B) that shall contain bookingkit data. Then click on Open page (C). You will be redirected to the corresponding page.

Step 3

Click Modules (A) in the editor and then drag and drop Script (B) into the page-specific area (in the preview).

Step 4

At this point, a text field opens which you can insert the 2-line code for your bookingkit into.

You find this code directly in your bookingkit account under Sell -> My Widgets.

Finally, click on Publish to integrate your bookingkit widget into your website. Please note that bookingkit is not displayed in the preview, but is nevertheless added to your website.

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